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A. 谁有澳大利亚著名景点的英文介绍,分享一下吧。。。


B. 用英语介绍澳大利亚

1.Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. It is the largest country in Oceania. It is on the east of the Pacific Ocean. It is near the India ocean in the West. There are many islands in the vicinity. It is about 7 million 692 thousand square kilometers, the population is about 19 million 200 thousand. About 74.2% of the British and Irish descendants. In 1788, the first British immigrants arrived in Australia.


2.The climate is warm all the year round, and most of the population is concentrated in the southeast coast.The capital is Canberra, Sydney is the largest city.


3.Australia is rich in natural resources and well-developed tourism, and a large number of tourists come here every year.



澳大利亚联邦(英语:Commonwealth of Australia),简称“澳大利亚”(Australia)。其领土面积7692024平方公里,四面环海,是世界上唯一国土覆盖一整个大陆的国家,因此也称“澳洲”。拥有很多独特的动植物和自然景观的澳大利亚,是一个奉行多元文化的移民国家。

澳大利亚(Australia)一词,原意为“南方的大陆”,由拉丁文 terraaustralis (南方的土地)变化而来。欧洲人在17世纪发现这块大陆时,误以为是一块直通南极的陆地,故取名“澳大利亚”。



C. 关于澳大利亚的英文介绍地理位置著名景点和动物等

红色巨岩 艾尔斯岩石 Ayers Rock
世界海洋遗产 大堡礁 Great Barrier Reef
维多利亚大洋路 Great Ocean Road
坎贝尔港 Port Campbell
波浪岩 Wave Rock
昆士兰热带内雨林 Rainforest
蓝山国容家公园 Blue Mountain
悉尼歌剧院 Opera House
菲利普岛 Phillip Island
悉尼水族馆 Sydney Aquarium\x0d节日想去旅游的朋友不妨试试去西安zhongguo国际旅行社

D. 急用!!用英语介绍澳大利亚的风景(简短),带翻译

An island that is isolated from other lands, inhabited by the exotic Great Barrier Reef, crystal clear water, golden beaches, wide open spaces, flora and fauna, basalt plains studded with extinct volcanoes, rugged wilderness, scenic mountain ranges, extensive coastlines, surrounding tropical islands, vast rivers, and the oldest rainforest in the world and considered by many to be the most adventurous place on Earth.

E. 关于澳大利亚景点的英文介绍

Australia,the largest country in Oceania,lies on the south coast of the Pacific.It covers an area of 7.6 million square kilometers.It has a population of over 10 million.Most of its people live in the east of the country by the sea.Canberra,the capital of Australia,is a beautiful city.Sydney is the biggest city in Australia,which has many places of interest.The Opera House is well known all over the world.The 2000 Olympic Games were held in Sydney.

F. 求一篇关于旅游的英语PPT 最好关于澳大利亚的 不少于3个景点

河南龙祥国旅祝你开心 ^_^

G. (急急)求一篇关于澳大利亚景点的英语作文,谢谢!

Visit Auatralia
Last summer hoilday .My family went to Australia, it makes me fell surprised.
At first ,we saw the Ayers rock .It'shuge, about 3.6kilmoetres long and 348 metres high .It's in the center of the Ayers.


H. 澳大利亚和日本有什么景点(用英文介绍)需

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I. 介绍西澳大利亚风景的英语文章


Australia's Golden Outback

Vast clear skies and theatrical landscapes. True outback adventures, authentic Aboriginal encounters and visits to settlements built by goldrush pioneers.

Images of the vast clear skies and theatrical landscapes of the Golden Outback region will stamp themselves forever in your minds eye.

This is the place for true outback adventure. Driving becomes an activity in itself rather than a means to an end, and camping under the stars is a mystical experience.

Look for tours offering authentic Aboriginal encounters in and around the mining towns and settlements built by goldrush pioneers. Or simply get into the laid back atmosphere of rural life among grandiose heritage buildings, friendly pubs and hospitable farmstays.